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MAking MAThEmatics TEAchers MObile

129543-CP-1-2006-1 -IT-COMENIUS-C21


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CAFRE Centro di Ateneo di Formazione e Ricerca Educativa
Università di Pisa

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(AT) Universität Wien

(CZ) Univerzita Karlova v Praze

(DK) University College Lillebælt, Skårup Seminarium

(FR) Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres de l'Académie de Créteil

Teachers Reports
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Teacher's guide to report on teaching visit under MA2ThE TE AMO Project

The guide below should be seen as advice. You are very welcome to include other items or leave out those you may not find relevant.

Before the visit
  1. What contacts did you have to the teacher you were going to visit?
  2. What were your contacts about?
  3. Were you satisfied with the information you got?
  4. To which extent were you allowed to plan teaching on your own?
  5. Did people listen to your suggestions?
My comments on teaching observations
  1. Was there anything in the teaching (of math) which was different from what you had expected?
  2. How is the pupils’ academic level compared to the same age group in your country?
  3. How are the relations between teacher and pupils?
  4. Teaching materials?
  5. The organization of teaching? (Classroom teaching, group work, individual work).
Comments on my own teaching
  1. How was the atmosphere in the classroom?
  2. How were the pupils’ reactions to my presence and the language used?
  3. What did it mean for the teaching that it was conducted in a foreign language?
  4. What was the math content of the lessons?
  5. What were my considerations when planning the lessons?
  6. Which changes were necessary during the teaching period?
  7. Were there any cultural differences which were important for my teaching and general behaviour in class?
  8. Was the topic presented in another way than you would have done at home? If yes, how and why?
After the visit
  1. What have I learned from the teaching visit?
  2. Will my experiences result in a changed practice in the future? If yes, how and why?
  3. Did I miss anything in the toolbox? If yes, what?
Other comments...

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