These files contain the teaching reports that have been compiled by the visiting teachers during or immediately after their teaching episodes abroad. The teachers were asked to include the following information into their report:
  • Contacts with the hosting teacher (before, during and after the visit) – what happened and were they sufficient
  • Comments on my observations
  • Comments on my teaching
    • The atmosphere in the classroom
    • Pupils’ reactions to my presence and the language used
    • Impact of the language on teaching
    • Mathematical content chosen for the lessons
    • Self-reflection on lesson planning
    • Necessary rearrangements during the lessons
    • Comparison of the way the topic is presented when teaching at home and in the visited school
    • What I would have appreciated in the tool box
    • What I have learned from the experience
  • Other comments:
Most teachers also included reports on the general situation of the schools they visited, and particularly on difficulties that were either anticipated but did not occur, or that were not anticipated but did occur nonetheless. In general, the reports give a good impression on what happened before, during and after the visiting teaching episodes.

See the Teacher's guide to report on teaching visit under MA2ThE TE AMO Project

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